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    1994 - 1997

    Jessica Tien graduated from Stetson University College of Law, St. Petersburg, Florida.  She
    received her Juris Doctorate degree in 1997.   She was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1998.  

    While in law school, she studied abroad at Cambridge University, Trinity College in Cambridge,
    England.   The 1995 Summer Program, International Comparative Study was sponsored by Tulane
    University, School of Law. The late Honorable Justice William Rehnquist of the U.S. Supreme Court
    spent that summer teaching the U.S. Constitution course to the young law students.

    Jessica Tien's legal experience began in 1995 as a law clerk at the Office of the Attorney General,
    Criminal Appeals Division in Tampa, Florida.  She drafted appellate briefs and responsive
    memorandums for appellate staff attorneys.  Many of those cases related to state and federal
    constitution, criminal proceedings and sentencing guideline, juvenile detention, sex-crimes, habeas
    corpus, DNA validity, paternity, child support enforcement, theft/burglary, and drug/narcotic.

    In 1996, Ms. Tien was selected as one of the few law students to participate in the internship at the
    U.S. Middle District Court under Chief Judge Kovachevich in Tampa, Florida.  Ms. Tien internship
    involved research and analysis of various legal issues surrounding parties’ motion for summary
    judgments, motion to dismiss.  She drafted court’s opinion concerning personal jurisdiction,
    summary judgement, standard of review and Title VII issues.  Many of the issues encountered are
    federal and state constitution, governmental-agency liability, copyright & patent infringement,  labor
    and employment, gender discrimination, food stamp fraud, debt collections, habeas corpus,
    racketeering, and interstate drug/narcotic trafficking.

    In 1997, Ms. Tien joined the Office of the United States Attorney, in the Middle District of Florida,
    Tampa, Florida, as an externship law student.  She researched and analyze first-impression issues
    and newly enacted federal laws to assist the Executive Assistant United States Attorney in grand
    jury indictments, prosecution trials and Federal 11th Circuit Court appeals.  Many of the cases
    relate to federal constitution, interstate commerce clause, Brady Gun Control Act, federal criminal
    codes and sentencing guidelines, domestic violence, interstate child support enforcement.

    Ms. Tien also speaks Mandarin Chinese

The law firm was established in 1998 by Jessica C. Tien, Esquire.  
We handle Family Law cases, Juvenile Dependency,
Juvenile Delinquency, appeals, Immigration*,
and general civil litigation actions.   
*Due to the recent drastic changes in immigration law,
our law firm no longer accepts new immigration clients.  

Our firm offers seminars in Juvenile Dependency law.  
Ms. Tien also lectures on juvenile dependency and adoption law.

*  Member in good
standing of the Florida
Bar (since 1998)

* Member of the
Florida Bar Trial
Attorney Section.

* Member of the
Florida Bar Appellate

* Member of the
Florida Bar Family
Law Section.

* Member of the Inns
of Court - Family Law

*  Member of the
Hillsborough County
Bar Association:
Family Law Section

* Past Member of the
Pasco County Bar

*  Certified to practice
in the Middle District
of Florida Federal

*  Member of the
Hillsborough County
Advisory Board for
Children Services;
Appointed by the
Hillsborough County

* Lecturer in 2004,
2005, 2006 and 2007
Continued Legal
Education: Juvenile
Dependency Seminars

* Lecturer of Juvenile
Justice topic at Child
Advocacy seminar

* Lecturer of “An In-
Depth Look at
Adoption Practice”

*  2007 Appellate
Practice certification

*  2006 Mediation
certification Course

*  Teen Court
Program: former Teen
Court Judge and
Student Attorney

* Over 5 years of
extensive banking
operation experience,
including audits,
quality control and

*  Past President of
association (elected

* Past President and
Vice President of the
Student Government,
Johnson & Wales
University (elected

* Former Official
(referee) for high
school football games
(certified position)

* Former Guardian ad
Litem for abused
children (certified

    LITIGATION ATTORNEY                                                                 Apr. 1998- present (August 2007)

        •        FAMILY LAW: Litigation experience in divorces, child custody, child support,
    domestic violence, adoption, paternity and other related domestic relationship issues.

        •        JUVENILE DEPENDENCY.  Experienced with shelter hearings, dependency and
    termination of parental rights adjudicatory trials, judicial reviews and permanency reviews.  
    Familiar with various aspects of case plan tasks, resources, service provider and programs
    for parents and children in need of services.

        •        APPEALS: appellate experience in appellate brief, Writs, and emergency motion for

        •        JUVENILE DELINQUENCY.  Experiences with Walker Plan, delinquency
    adjudicatory trials (misdemeanor and felony charges), Teen Court Diversion programs and
    other aspects of the delinquency proceedings.  Familiar with various levels of delinquency
    commitments, including inpatient substance abuse and mental health treatment programs.

        •        COMMERCIAL & CIVIL: experiences in contract review, negotiations and litigation.
    Areas of practice included security, construction, restaurant, commercial leasing and sales,
    landlord/tenant, corporate dissolution, and shareholder disputes.

        •        IMMIGRATION: experiences in processing immigration and non-immigration visas
    and citizenship.

        •        IN GENERAL: other areas of legal representation include, defending tax
    audits/disputes against the State of Florida Department of Revenue, defending
    misdemeanor criminal actions, advocate as an attorney/guardian ad litem, handling estate
    planning, and probate administrations.

    ATTORNEY & LAW CLERK                                                                          Jul. 1996 - Dec. 1998        
    Woodruff Law, Tampa, Florida       

        •        TAX: experienced in defending Florida Department of Revenue tax audit.  
    Researched and analyze various tax law, tax codes and application of tax rules and

        •        ESTATE PLANNING: experienced in drafting legal estate planning documents,
    including trusts, wills and other related matters.

         •        PROBATE: experienced in drafting legal documents in the probation form and non-
    formal administration, .  

         •        CORPORATE FRANCHISE: familiar with the purchase-sale of multiple restaurant
    franchises with and without liquor license.

         •        IN GENERAL: Research and draft franchising and corporate agreements/contracts.